Community Service

Last spring I was involved in a state organized tree planting community service. The tree planting event was organized in order to ensure that the rapidly depleting trees were replaced in order to ensure that there was sustainability of the same. Due to the many benefits that are associated with trees, the target audience of the event cut across the board to benefit everybody (Council, 2010). The reason that I chose to be involved in the project and donate my hours was because I felt that I would be helping the current and future generations at the same moment. Trees help purify the air and provide more oxygen, while at the same time making use of the carbon dioxide that is produced by people. This benefit helps the current generation directly by ensuring that they have the benefit of breathing in clean air (Council, 2010). The other benefit of trees that will benefit future generation is that of their ability to combat climate change. By the fact that trees can help clean up the air, they play a major role in ensuring that they combat the climate change thus saving future generations from harsh climatic conditions. Another vital importance of trees that ensures that the environment is conserved that of preventing soil erosion. Trees ensure that soil is compact and help up together thus preventing erosion in times of heavy winds or rain.

The experience that I had while undertaking community service was overwhelming. I felt that I had played my part in protecting the environment. In many instances, many people may feel the urge to help and contribute to the society but do not understand how they can do it. The opportunity that I had at the event, enabled me fulfill one of my major personal goals that is inclined to serving the community. The networking opportunity that I had at the event was also one of the great experiences that I had. The event had a number of professionals and people from various backgrounds thus acting as a perfect place for people to network. Networking is an important tool that may ensure one succeed in life by meeting the right people. It is important for one to be regularly involved in community service due to the fact one may have a chance to have some life- changing opportunities (McCarthy & Tucker, 2002). The community service activity also acted as a great platform for people to work as team players. This is because no one could complete the project alone people had to work as a team which is a very important life skill for one to embrace (McCarthy & Tucker, 2002).

However, in order to ensure the success and growth of future project I would like to initiate a number of proposals to the organizers. One of the proposals is that the organizers should try and reach out to more people who are willing to participate in the project. The organizers had not communicated and informed potential volunteers adequately to ensure that the donated their hours. As a person I only happened to overhear about the projects from one of the friends by a mistake. It is also important for the organizers to educate people on the benefits of trees so that more people can get interested in the same. The event was a success because people got to plant the expected amount of trees.


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