Discuss the Images of Minorities or Women Presented in Recent Movies and Television Shows

Recently, in movies, as well as in TV shows, women’s image has become stronger than ever before, I would say. They show women as perfectly capable of handling a career and a family at the same time and of standing up for what they believe in. Now, they give voice to things that, in the past, were merely thought or whispered. We see women taking care of themselves even if they are single, even if they chose career instead of family life; we see women making a difference and influencing masses, and Oprah is one of the examples.

We see women as trendsetters, as decision makers, as political activists, and as role models.

On the other hand, some TV shows and even movies picture women as a mere tool, a man’s “pleasure vehicle”, saying that if you are not strong enough as a professional, as a personality, if you are not married or coupled with somebody powerful and famous, you may have to make compromises to get where you want. Sometimes, the message they are sending, especially to the young girls trying to figure out what they want to do in life, is that: hey, if you want to get rich and famous, here is what you should do, “sell” yourself! In my view, this is also supported, by the “Barbie-like look” of women who starve themselves to fit the standards, to “please” the world. In the Eastern European countries, unfortunately, the image of the woman having to obey “the almighty man” who can make her life a heaven or a living hell still persists.

Anyway, things have changed and we see women in top business positions, in managing boards, in politics, making decisions and making a difference. But is that enough to make her feel like a woman, in the most “human” sense possible, considering that we live in a society where almost everything is about perception and image?

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