Divorce Statistics in the USA

The divorce rate in 1980 was 22.6% per 1000 married women and currently it is rated at 17.7 percent. Other observations and statistics show that the rate of marriage has declined from 76.5 to 39.9 percent per 1000 unmarried women. This has been a 50 percent drop and it is attributed to cohabitation rather than marriage. These posses a great risk on the children as it affects the family stability. Breakup rates for cohabitating couples are twice as that of married couples and in 40% of such couples children are born in this rather unstable and shaky relationship.

The United States is found to have the weakest families in the western world. This is attributed to the high divorce rates as well as the increase in solo parenting. The divorce rate has generally been going up more recently with about 20 divorces for every 1000 women over the age of 15. (Nancy 2001)

The divorces rate has had significant factors that have led to the rise in the United States. One of them has been that men and women are economically stable and so there is less need for each other in terms of economical survival. The rate has also been on the higher side because of birth control programs that allow men and women to separate sexual activity from bearing children.

High divorces rate have also been evident in Canada and members of the European Union.

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