Essay on “Are Women Better Parents Than Men?”

The topic in discussion has been in debate and discussion forums since the beginning of time. This is because “gender” is a contentious topic in our society, and this issue has brought up the question of the better parent. In debates, forums, and statistics, women always appear on top. In this essay, I will discuss the strengths and shortcomings of each gender in parenthood.

The Mother

The mother is known for her tender love and care. She is closest to the child because of the relationship fostered since pregnancy to birth. The mother is available when the child needs emotional support. She also moulds the child socially. She is well known for her good food, cleanliness and attention to details. A child raised by a single mother will be emotionally upright but may lack the fundamental guidelines on obedience and respect.

The Father

In many societies, the father is the head of the household. With his tough stance, he commands obedience from the child. He is there to provide support, guidance, as well as to enforce family rules. A good father-figure is important for the child’s development. In his presence, the child looks up to him for advice. The father is not only a role model to the boy child, but also to the whole family. A child raised by a single father is respectful to authority. However, he/she may have problems with anger management and socialization issues because of the emotional deficiency.


In light of the aforementioned facts, it is conclusive to mention that the best upbringing is one whereby the mother and father work together. When the qualities of a man and woman are brought together, the child will be one of good character. This happens when the two parties (mother and father) perform their duties adequately. When the inevitable happens, the mother would make a better single parent because she adapts to the challenges and changes. The father remains rigid and unable to adapt.

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