Essay on “Is gender equality a myth, or a sustainable reality?”

Gender equality is a much more complicated and emotionally difficult concept than people will typically consider; answering it as a straight-forward question of whether it is a myth or reality with a simple yes or no answer would be giving it the same injustice as the subject itself. Gender equality is not at all a myth, but it is not yet a reality either. Awareness is certainly the first step to allowing it to become a reality. Once there is awareness, both on a society and an individual level, the shift into actual practice must occur.

To start, one must understand the components of such a complex problem. When first considering the question of gender equality, most people think of economic discrimination and earning potential. Although this is certainly a valid part of the whole, there are certainly many other parts to be considered, including gender-based violence, reproductive health inequalities, and harmful traditional practices that exist within many cultures. All of these are to be considered as part of the whole question, although within any given society or economic strata, each of these parts will have a different weight of impact on the whole picture and have different levels of awareness.

Awareness certainly starts with education and understanding of the many advantages gender equality can have, not just the fact that it is a basic human right. However, the implementation of practice faces seemingly impossible and multi-faceted challenges. Attitude change and implementation on an individual basis is only the beginning. Change must also occur on higher levels of society, including government and policy, but does not even end there. Addressing inequalities brought on by cultural traditions may be the most difficult.

There is no easy answer, and genuine change must involve all levels of society. Progress requires dedication and time, but the reality to gender equality will occur.

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