Essay on Sociology Journal

There are experiences in life that can change a person’s outlook in life. . For some people it maybe a childhood experience or a family issue. In my case it was a family issue when the doctor told me my dad had heart disease.

Luckily a miracle happened, my dad was only supposed to live for three days. He was diagnosed with a terrible disease leukemia, which he had to take chemotherapy for. The chemotherapy was a great success; he was the only person who survived in the whole eight floor. Doctors where shocked at how much he wanted to hold on to his life, and he has been in remission for thirteen years now.

Who would have thought I would relive another terrible experience? The doctor came up to my mother and I and told us that the chemotherapy had affected his heart and he would have to wear a special device, which is a pacemaker. The pacemaker makes the heart function properly and prevents it from any other cardiac problems. When the doctor told me this, I began to have flashbacks from the past. I began to cry I was saying to myself “I don’t want to go through this all over again.” I began crying to my mom and told her “I can’t believe this why him again?” My mother quickly embraced me and told me “ Just have faith in God and everything will be fine.” I realized that having faith was the only way to get over this stage in my life. That’s when I realized that, I must value and treasure life. Health is very important; you never know what might happen in the future.

This experience has changed my whole life because you can lose something as fast as you gain it. His sickness has made realize that I can die at any time, moment, or place. From his illness I learned that I must demonstrate and love those whom are around me. I learned to be more expressive of my feelings, because I want people to know that I care. I’ve been able to value my parent’s lives more than I did before. I think its real admirable that my father wants to hold on to life, and to keeping going not letting anything put him down. Now I want to spend more time with them, because I don’t know how long I’m going to have them around. I want to show my parents all my love while they still are alive. Sometimes people take life for granted without realizing it’s a blessing. I learned to enjoy every minute in life even when it gets stressful. Sometimes I feel like there is no way out; and I begin to think that if my dad can then I can to. My dad has gone through a lot and he is enjoying his life very well, and so am I because thank God my health is good. But I’ve learned not to take life for granted because it can end any day for anyone in my family including me.

This experience has taught me to value life and those whom are around me in my everyday life. I’ve learned that the true value of life is to cherish it and everything that comes with it. Life and health are very significant in this world, and people should take care of it. I realized that there are other people out there with bigger problems and are dealing with it, so basically don’t take life for granted and the things you have because you don’t know how long you will enjoy them for. Who would have thought miracles do exist a great example is my father he is still here in this world. Remember to love everyone around you and to have faith.

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