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I haven’t had many intimate relationships in my life; I’ve only had two physical relationships. I was a late bloomer upon the issue of entering relationships due to my thoughts on my physical appearance. During high school, I was one of those kids that never really said anything in classes and never spoke to girls that much. My friends and I started to hang out with girls more often and that’s when I “fell in love” with my ex-girlfriend. This was the start of a relationship that was going nowhere, even though I had no idea at the time. Kristen was a nice girl who at first I did not find all that attractive but I absolutely loved her personality. We started to “date”, we never really went out all that much, and we mostly hung out with her and her friends at her house. This relationship only lasted a mere month and a half; she sadly put it to an end. Now that I look back on it, I’m glad she did because neither one of us were all that happy due to circumstances. I think the most that we’ve hung out may have been ten or eleven times during that month and a half. I was always sad that we didn’t get to hang out that much, and when plans didn’t fall through I’d always get upset. That was the basis of the break up. After this relationship I was heartbroken, my first love had shot me down, those times were very hard to cope with. After a about two or three months, I decided that it feels a lot better to be single, especially since I’m in high school and it would be a lot easier to get to know girls. I do not regret anything from this friendship; we are currently good friends. At first the relationship was very good but then it turned into a worse one due to circumstances.

The summer before freshman year of college was my best summer ever. My friends Chris, Jimmie, Erika and I used to hang out almost every single day. If I weren’t with one of them I was with the other, and no matter what we would have fun. After the summer Erika and I got closer on a more emotional level. We hung out all the time, late on school nights, on weekends, it didn’t matter, and we were always together. I still remember the uneasiness that I felt the first time I was in her bedroom, my stomach full of butterflies. I knew this time that I had found someone that I truly like and would want to spend the rest of my life with. Reading this from someone else’s standpoint, it may sound ludicrous, but I know what I feel, and it is that. We’ve been dating for just over a year now and things are going great. Obviously we’ve had our hard times, but we have also gotten through them. Currently she is in high school, and I think the ultimate test will be when she goes away to college, that is the one thing that I’m worried about. I’m worried that she’ll meet some incredible guy and leave me for him. This relationship is the best individual relationships I’ve had with a single individual by far.

Relationships are sometimes taken for granted, they are there one day and the next they may not be. I grew up in Hawaii until the age of 13, and every summer before I was 13, I went to New York to visit my grandparents. I remember when the summer before third grade I came back to Hawaii to find that my mother wasn’t there and wasn’t coming back. I don’t quite remember what my father told me but I know I was really sad. My relationship with my father grew greatly after this happened, I felt as if he were spoiling me but not monetarily. I still wonder what it would’ve been like to grow up with the both of them in Hawaii but I will never know. One thing leads to another, and I eventually ended up in New York for good, not just for a summer vacation. My father works for American Airlines and he got laid off in Hawaii, but then he was transferred to Florida. In Florida I was alone quite often after school I’d come home and no one was there. My father wouldn’t get home until 7 or 8 at night, which was a long time home alone when you are only 13. Florida was a turning point for me; I saw that I didn’t need my father as much as I thought I did. I felt more independent in a sense, due to all the time I had to my self. The relationship that I had with my father was shaped by the fact that he was the only parent. I grew closer to him while I had the chance to.

I look at the relationship that my uncle has with my grandparents and I see that he is very attached to them. In a way I find it sad because I see him so often, he’s 38 and single. I know my uncle loves them very much and would be devastated if anything should happen to them, as would I. Even though I don’t have that close of a relationship with my parents, I believe that if I had the chance I still would not, due to my stubbornness. It’s funny people think, I used to think that my parent’s divorced because of me. That is why I visited with a psychologist a few times when I was younger, to alleviate these thoughts from my head.

I live with my grandparents now, and our relationship was better while I was in high school since i was around more. I now have a car, a job and college, so things are very frantic within my life. I talk to my grandmother sometimes if I have a problem, but most of the time I talk to my girlfriend about my problems. The relationship with my grandparents is the best it could be, at least they don’t want to kick me out of the house. The fact that I can talk to my girlfriend about my problems is a big booster to me, because I don’t hide anything from her.

I see a relationship that is probably not going to work out that well with my friend. His best friend seems to like his girlfriend so things are getting kind of tense. Falling for someone else’s girlfriend is never a good thing, and it should never have gotten that far unless both the guy and girl feel that way. This can turn into a bad relationship and maybe a fight or two.

Another good relationship that I have is with a coworker of mine that I met last year. We talked all the time at work and became very good friends and kept in touch over the winter pretty well. This is a good relationship because we could talk about many things and had many things in common.

With my friend Jimmie, he’s probably my best guy friend. At one point he told his girlfriend that me and my girlfriend had had sex and i got very mad about that. I didn’t want her to find out because his girlfriend has a big mouth. People found out that didn’t have to know at all, so me and Jimmie did not speak for awhile, I’d say for at least 4 months. I was so mad at him, whenever I saw him driving by me or whatever he’d wave but I wouldn’t. Now that I look back, it was only a phase and we are good friends now. This relationship definitely shows the best and worst.

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