Intro to Sociology essay

When you go shopping at the grocery store, a clothing store, or any other kind of store, whatever it is that you maybe buying has a price on it and when you bring it to the cashier they ring it up and inform you of what you owe. You then automatically pay what you owe. You know that you have no say in what the price is. If you want that item you will pay what you are charged. But what if you thought that the particular item that you were buying was worth more than what you are being charged. What if you refuse to pay the cashier and state that you think that particular item is worth more than the price that they are charging you. You tell them no you will not pay that amount and then proceed to pay them how much it is that you think that you owe.

It is an “unwritten” rule that you don’t argue with the cashier about the price of an item. If you think that the item is worth more than what you are being charged then you are making out. What is the sense of complaining? Everything moves alot smoother with prices. You can’t just pay what you think the item is worth. Going shopping would be a huge ordeal if things were done in that fashion. A price system helps the customer and cashier or sales person interact better and more efficiently.

I decided to test this out. I needed more shampoo so I decided to use that as the item I would buy. I brought my friend with me so she could see other people’s reactions when I caused a scene. I went to a convience store and picked out a bottle of shampoo that was on sale for $1.99. I then went up to the cashier and as she rang it up I almost lost my nerve. The store was pretty crowded and I am a pretty shy person. As she told me the price I simply said “No!”. She looked at me strangely and seemed kind of confused. She then asked if I did still want the bottle of shampoo. I answered yes but not for that price. People around me started to stare and the cashier became very uncomfortable. She said thats how much the shampoo costs and if I don’t want to pay that price then I should get it some where else. I then told her that I think that this shampoo should cost more than $1.99. It was worth way more than two bucks. As I reached into my pocketbook and handed her $4.75, she just stared at me. I then told her that the shampoo was worth what I had given her and that I wouldn’t accept any change. I then turned around and proceeded to leave the store. Everyone standing in line watched me as I walked out of the store. Since I brought my friend with me she stayed behind to see what everyone would do. She told me that it felt very uncomfortable in the store and that everyone just kind of laughed it off. She also said that the cashier mumbled weirdo. I guess I did deserve to be called a weirdo. I probably would have felt the same way if I was her.

I think the cashier acted this way because she has never dealt with someone who wanted to pay more for an item and absolutely refused to pay the lower price. She seemed to feel very uncomfortable but i’m sure anyone would have felt the same way if they were in her shoes, including myself. The other customers in the store stared at me as though I was crazy. They, themselves, must have felt very uncomfortable as well. I know if I was in their shoes then I would have thought there was something really wrong with a person that would want to pay more for something just because they thought it was worth more.

I think that there are norms in life or “unwritten” rules so people don’t feel weird or strange when interacting with different people. It helps people interact with each other and feel comfortable while doing it. It helps our society move more smoothly and more enjoyably. I also think that when these rules are broken it causes confusion and discomfort. Our society has these norms for a reason and I think to keep society moving smoothly we should not break them.

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