Paper on “How Can a Course In Government, Political Science, or Civics Help Students to Become Better Citizens?”

Many students entering high schools and colleges today do not have a proper understanding of the way our government works. They are not aware of the intricacies that make up each branch and the various aspects related to these branches which all fit together to create one large system to work for the betterment of its people. If these students took a course in an area such as government, political science, or civics, it would most likely shed light on certain details in the government and would help clarify questions the students have about why situations happen and the reasons behind the way things work as they do.


All potential applicants for the United States citizenship are required to learn a great deal about the inner workings of our government, yet our own citizens are often ignorant about the subject. A high school student should leave secondary education with at least a limited knowledge of the three branches of government, what each branch can and cannot do. He or she should also understand how each branch fits into the overall picture in correlation with the other two branches of government.

In college, the class should continue, but this time it should become a bit more in depth. Students should study various laws; the most publicly recorded ones, and discuss the reasons behind the decisions made and how these decisions came to be. If students followed this course of academia, they would achieve a greater knowledge of our government and would have a better understanding of our society in general. In turn, it would cause them to become better citizens and this would be beneficial to us all.

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