Social Problem Issue essay

Crime is an event I perceive as a social problem in the world. I consider crime as a problem. I also think it has consequences and ramifications on society. I also have a few ideas and solutions that may bring about positive change that may help lessen or alleviate this problem.

Crime is a problem to me and others in society. I have had crime happen to me on several occasions. I have had objects stolen from me. I have been harassed verbally and physically during my lifetime. My step-brother killed two people in cold blood. Parts of my family have also committed crimes. I have also seen people steal other peoples stuff. I have also seen people get assaulted and hurt really bad by lovers and “friends”. I have seen people get hit by vehicles on purpose and vengeance. This problem is crime and has affected many or even all people at one time or another.

Crime has consequences and ramifications on society. If a person has objects stolen from them they lose money because they bought the object, and they learn not to trust other people. I know when someone is killed, their family and loved ones lose someone that they have cherished. Time is also lost when someone loses a loved one through crime. Society has learned how to deal with certain types of crime. Usually through court and by punishing the person who committed the crime. Juvenile delinquents are still punished through the court system but for lesser crimes they are sometimes let go. Some juvenile’s may even continue the “crime spree” seeing that they did not get punished for doing something that is not accepted by society. The destruction of the two towers in New York was a great crime against society. Something that huge hit everyone in one way or another. It was shown that basically no-one is safe from crime and society should be prepared for anything that may happen.

I have thought about some solutions that may help or even alleviate the problem of crime. Some punishments could be increased to show that crime will not be accepted. More police could also be hired to patrol bad parts of different cities. Schools could help students more and not treat them like underlings without any power to change things. Laws could also be enforced for everyone so that everyone is treated equally. People would see that you could not get any with crime just because you know someone with political power. Juveniles could also be treated differently through court. Showing the juveniles that there are people in the world that may care for them or showing them that crime is very demeaning to different types of people. These ideas may or may not help society but I am sure they could decrease crime in one way or another.

Many books have been written about crime. Sir Authur Conan Doyle has written many books using the famous character Sherlock Holmes. Many Criminal Justice school books have also shown the problem of crime in society. Sociology has also helped by showing the effects of crime in different societies and the world as a whole. Money can be lost in many shapes and forms. Loved ones can also be lost through crime by being the victim or the cause the crime. Knowing that crime is a problem in society and has to be accepted as a problem then maybe something, anything, can be done to eliminate it as a whole. Maybe even decrease crime so major crimes (rape, murder, sodomy, burglary) do not happen.

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