Sociology in my mind papers

Albert Einstein once stated, “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is all comprehensible.” I’m sure he was thinking of the potential contained in tiny bits of matter, but for me, the incomprehensible had a much more practical place: the subject of English. My journey to make sense of this began in English 0920. I now know that with the knowledge I have learned, I can comprehend English. When I was in high school I seemed to sneak through the cracks, and I had not taken an English class in almost two years. I had forgotten a lot of the skills necessary to start out in English 1010. English 0920 has helped me progress in my English skills. It met immediate needs; I learned additional concepts, and I learned the importance of revision.

I had some problems coming into 0920. The first weakness that I had to focus on was punctuation. When it came to punctuation, I was blind; I don’t seem to see anything wrong in the punctuation department. Punctuation has always been hard for me to grasp, but in this class I have learned the six comma rules which have helped me in my struggle with commas. Every time I write or rewrite, I notice more and more of the errors that I have been making when dealing with punctuation. The second weakness that I discovered coming into this class was how to organize my writing. I can honestly say that in the past I have never been taught how to organize a paragraph or essay in any shape or form. Organizing is very important in writing. Without it, my writing is not organized, and the reader is confused with what I am trying to convey through my writing. I have learned to use a guideline to put my paragraphs in expository form. I have also learned the parts of an essay: introduction, the three base paragraphs, and the conclusion. Learning the ways to organize my writing has helped me write cleaner papers not only in English but in other classes as well. The last weakness that I had coming into this class was how to write a topic sentence. I needed help knowing how to come up with topic sentences that grab the reader’s attention. I have now been taught that a topic sentence is very important, and is used to catch the reader’s attention and make the reader want to keep on reading what you have written. In taking 0920, I know that I need some help in some areas of English. I plan on brushing up on all the skills that I have forgotten, and learning new skills to help me comprehend future English classes.

This class is helping me evolve in becoming a writer of great English work. In the past two and a half months, I have learned a lot of new skills and touched up on knowledge that I already have been taught. The first reason that this class has helped me become a better writer is because I am more confident. Now that I am more confident as a writer, I am opening up because I have more skills to write better. I feel that people will understand what I am trying to convey through my writing. In my sociology class I had to write an essay. When I wrote this essay I felt more confident in my work because I used many techniques (organization, revision, fixing small grammatical errors) to insure that I could convey what I was trying to say through better writing. Before taking English 0920 I enjoyed writing papers, but because of the lack of knowledge I had when writing a paper, I trouble putting forth my best effort. I felt that it would always turn out with something wrong no matter how hard I tried. Now that I have more confidence in my writing, I am more expressive and enjoy putting more time and detail into each paper and essay making each a great piece of work. The second reason that this class has helped me become a better writer is I have become a better proofreader and critic of my own work. In the past I would write a paper and couldn’t see its errors. When I write a paper now, I see more of the little errors (commas, spelling, run-on sentences) that I couldn’t see in the past when proofreading my own work. I am not as afraid to fix my papers on my own and be confident in the work that I will produce. The last thing that I have learned taking English 0920 is that a lot of people struggle with English. English is not only hard for me but is hard for a lot of people. When I signed up for this class I was disappointed because I felt that I was going to be the only one in the class. But as time passed, I realized that there are a lot of people at or below the 0920 level of English. English is very important subject. If I don’t know solid English skills, then I will have troubles throughout my life because English has to do with every thing in everyday life. I have learned a lot and plan on learning more in the next couple months in my English 0920. After I learned these concepts, I was ready for one of the most important steps in writing: revision.

I have carefully revised three of my best writings over the past few weeks and have learned a lot. The first piece of writing that I revised is called Saturday Night Fun. When writing Saturday Night Fun, I had trouble with grammar. I had forgotten to put commas in places that were needed to make the sentences more complete. To put this piece of writing into my portfolio, I had to change it from first person perspective and put the piece into third person perspective. Changing this piece of writing was sort of difficult, but I just followed the instructions that I was taught by Mrs. Combs and finished it in time. The second piece of writing that I focused on is called Gus. When I wrote this piece about my dog, I had quite a few sentence errors that I had to fix. I had some run on sentences and comma splices which were not that hard to fix I just needed to revise them with commas or put them into separate sentences. I also had trouble with misplaced modifiers. In one sentence I said that the “mailman collects cockle burs in his brown coat,” but I changed the modifier to explain that my dog collected the cockleburs instead of the mail man! The last piece of writing that I am going to focus on is Life in College. This piece had few errors because I wrote it a few weeks ago when I had more knowledge. Some of the errors that I had were using simple words that are not at a college level and compound words like (home work) that needed to be fixed. Other than those few things, I did an overall good job revising Life in College.

I feel that my comprehension of English improves every time I go to class. This class has helped me learn a lot of valuable points and brushed me up on the old ones that I already knew. I feel more confident in my writing because I know have the skills will help me succeed in English 1010. As this class has cleared my unfocused confusion of English, the ability to understand has taken place. Just like Albert Einstein stated, “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is all comprehensible.”

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