Sociology is

Sociology is the study of social behavior, it describes and explains the behavior of different ethnic groups it shows our differences socially. Social behavior is any behavior that has been, or is being, conditions to any degree by interaction with others. Sociology is very complex. It can be very broad dealing with issues such as why many African American young men are interested in gansta rap to why some Caucasians believe Elvis is alive. We deal with sociology every day of our lives. We are always doing or interacting with someone or something. There are six essential categories of behavior that are used to study and understand social behavior. They are perception, emotions, thought and speech, physical motion, posturing and costuming. There are many social issues or rules that everyone follows or understands. For example, one may look at fashion fads. There are people who tell us this is the new style and how we should wear it. These fashions do’s and don’ts link us to sociology.

The most important behavior is sociology is self-perception. These are the prescriptions of behavior – when, where, and how to feel and act. It is a system of rules we all follow in society. We depend on society to tell us who we are, what is important, and what we should do about it. In many cases, we have our no idea of how we want things done but opt for others because of society. Society can be seen as a survival guide to tell us, this is how it is and how its will be. Ones well being depend if you follow along carefully. We learn each day what is accepted socially. What the social rules are and how they pertain to us as an individual. This is how we respond not to the environment or situation we are in, but how we were learned or trained by society to respond. There are not many people who want to been seen in society as someone different, so we follow other leads in making decisions, making sure what we choose is socially correct in our environment. Ironically, this shows that many think that they are their own individual, when they are not. Based on our social etiquette, how we think, feel, and act, we are what society makes us. This in part makes us feel secure, because if everyone else in society has done it, successfully then it is ok for us to follow. Oddly, there are many people who have “thought outside of their box” to create the ideas that we follow but it was done with the thought of being ousted from their society if they failed. In conclusion, sociology studies human behavior the way we do the things we do, the effects of making choices, and why we seem uphold our lives living socially correct.

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