Sociology on Feagan and Sikes

Lillian Rubin’s piece, “Is this a White Country, or What?” and Feagin and Sikes’s piece, “Navigating Public Places” describe the racism and discrimination of the United States. Rubin studied how the Americans (“the white”) think about the colonized minority and immigrant majority also known as “the others.” Feagin and Sikes explored the prejudice and discrimination (of African Americans) in public places.

Rubin’s Piece explains the influx of immigrants and how “white” Americans think of immigration. The introduction of interviews of “white” Americans strongly reinforces the lecture material and notes. People interviewed, showed great prejudice, which is negative judgment on limited, incorrect information. One lady said, “look at those black people who have been here for a long time, they still steal, cause of drugs, and having many babies.” Feagin and Sikes article states that the “white” shoplifters are more then black. I agree with that fear plays a huge role as Rubin mentions “Americans fear strangers (immigrants) will corrupt the society.” Making these good points, I believe it’s natural that people fear what they don’t understand that causes prejudice and racial discrimination, in which Rubin explains. Although I am not an advocate of discrimination, fear and the lack knowledge of “the other’s” ethnicity are good reasons to understand why discrimination exists.

Feagin and Sikes’s piece explains the prejudices by explaining the discrimination in public places. The piece surprised me that this country is still having huge groups being victims in public places in the 1990s. Examples such as the lawsuits on food chains due to the turning away of black college students were hard to believe; especially that it was being displayed in public places.

These readings gave me a profound understanding of how discrimination and is displayed in the thoughts of citizens and public displays. This answers my question and views on how much work and progress the U.S. society has to make on discrimination and racism.

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