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Having thoroughly enjoyed the academic study of Access economics and sociology I have chosen a combined degree at university that will enable me to pursue my interest in this two subjects in even greater deeply. By studying Economics, I will gain an insight into the working of both China and the international economy, and will acquire the skills necessary to analyze the economic problems faced by contemporary society. Sociology offers me the chance both to look in depth at issues in the contemporary world and to learn the skills and tools of analysis vital to working in advanced industrial societies. These two subjects are conjoint but also they are extremely separated. I believe the two go hand in hand, as illustrated in the above quotations.

When I graduated from my secondary school majored in Business English in China in 2002. I began to work as a manager assistant in an Import & Export Company to obtain my social experience and a number of important skills. In a company, I practiced my knowledge, which was learned from school, moreover, working with a team ensured that I was able to pay sufficient attention to others and work co-operatively with a variety of different people. So a right way of communication was one of the most important sections that I studied in this company. In addition, I learned lots of practice of international trade so that it was extremely useful for me to my further studies.

On the other hand, my father is a businessman, who has been handling his business over 20 years ago. At the beginning of my childhood, my father has been teaching me what are business and other relevant information. In particular, relating the situation of China?? development of economy. Until now, I cannot understand very clearly. Whereas, owing to my father ??s influence, I am really interested in economics. It seems that a boy fall in love a girl, a boy hope that he could know everything about a girl. Therefore, that??s why that I choose economics to my higher education.

Studying access of economics and sociology has been attractive. My economics course is challenging and competitive, otherwise, I find that western economics are really different between other countries such as China. I believe that I could learn the knowledge in UK, and practice in my country to construct better economic system in the future. My other course is sociology, which introduce poverty, work, education and so on. This field will enable my Weltanschauung as more as possible. Exactly speaking, after learning sociology, I can be good at analyzing the social troubles and solve it more correctly.

I am working as a team member in KFC after college. Learning good cooperation with other people is basic of skills. Furthermore, promoting my English level is very helpful for me to work with the native people. Withal, when I have spare time, I like traveling everywhere by myself. Traveling can broaden my perspective on my life. Meanwhile, I appreciate to contact a wide range of people and know more about different cultures and customs. In addition, I sincerely hope I would introduce my lovely country-China to everybody and prefer to tell him or her how is China going on.

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