The Character I find Especially Appealing in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Television Show

The Big Bang Theory is an original and exceptionally funny television show. The plot revolves around four mastermind friends who are employed at Caltech. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Rajesh, are all vivacious characters who make the show amusing and interesting. However, I find Sheldon to be the most appealing. He is my favorite character in the show and he always keeps me on the edge of my seat whenever I watch The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon is a fascinating character with an overtly intellectual demeanor; he strictly adheres to routine, has a vague understanding of sarcasm, irony and humor in general, he admires his superior intelligence, and generally lacks humility. Sheldon has a very high IQ and has a tendency to over-explain everything, often to the point of irking his audience. Sheldon has several peculiar habits which include sitting in the same spot of the sofa at all times, and forcefully knocking on the door three times while calling out the name of the person he expects to be in the room, and repeating the process until the door is opened. Sheldon also says “Bazinga!” after pulling a practical joke on his friends.

Intellectually, Sheldon is far ahead of his three friends, but he is utterly confused when it comes to ordinary social issues. It takes him a number of episodes of the first season to begin appreciating humor, and empathy is seen to elude him too. Nonetheless, in his own bizarre way, Sheldon proves to be a very loyal friend, especially, strangely enough, to Penny, who seems unable to decide whether she finds him annoying or appealing. Sheldon has been described by many as the breakout character in the Big Bang Theory.

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