What Career Do You Find Appealing?

What Career, Other Than the One for Which You Are Preparing, Do You Find Most Appealing?

An Alternative Appealing Career Choice

These days, I am building pipelines as a social entrepreneur. That, however, is not the only career path I find appealing. At the back of my mind, I can see myself as a practitioner of holistic medicine. I have no medical training, nor do I wish to become a doctor, but I do want to be a healer in the non-traditional sense.

Holistic medicine involves the healing of the whole person: mind, body and spirit. It’s this principle that inspired me to begin training under a licensed energy therapist. I also have access to the Kelley Protocol for cancer patients and diabetics. Furthermore, I am a licensed distributor of health supplements and a prayer for those in need.

When someone close to you dies of a terminal illness, you can’t help but wonder if there is something you can do to help others who are going through the same experience. My mother died of cancer four years ago, and my friend died a few days short of Christmas last year. It’s too late to help the dead, yet I can still help the living.

These days, I find myself helping whoever I can with my beginner’s repertoire of healing options. Though it is currently more of a ministry rather than a strict career path, I wouldn’t mind taking it to a more professional level someday. Recently, I received the inspiration to put a team of doctors, pastors, counselors and therapists together to minister to cancer patients and their caregivers. Who knows where this will lead me a few years down the road?

Many years ago, a wise counselor told me that “the best healers are the wounded ones”. I think I’m starting to understand exactly what he meant.

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