What Influences from the Past Have Helped Shape the Person You Are Today?

My present traits are the sum total of my past experiences. Each experience, big or small, leaves some imprint on the mind. Some are the passing ones and some act as the torchbearers for shaping the future life. Such influences in my life were four important individuals, my father, my teacher, and my spiritual guide. They led by examples worthy of emulation. They shaped my personality and I pay my regards to them from the bottom of my heart for the love and affection they showered on me.

My father was in the family business, to which he gave a modern shape. He converted the small grocery shop into a mini-department store. He sold quality goods to his customers and charged reasonable rates. Occasionally he took me to the shop and I observed how he dealt with the customers. Most of them became his intimate friends, because they appreciated his honesty and upright dealings.

As far as my teacher is concerned, discipline and punctuality were his watchwords. He recognized my literary talents and provided encouragement and suggestions to improve my writing. When my first book was published, he wrote to me, “I am proud of my boy.” His advice to his students was: “Have the will to grow, and grow you will!”. He greatly helped me foster my personal development.

Finally, my spiritual guide was benign and kind. He initiated me in to the path of spirituality and taught me to cultivate positive approach to life. He often said: “Spirituality is not an after-retirement project. That which is not practical is not spiritual either. One must cultivate right type of values when one is young”.

I salute the above individuals who have influenced my life. They have been the guiding stars for the improvement of the standard of my life. I owe them debts that I will never be able to repay.

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