Where is Your Parenting License Essay

Many soon-to-be parents wait anxiously for the birth of their child. As birth approaches, they often find themselves wondering if they will be able to handle the pressures and joys of parenthood. Parenting can be a rather overwhelming experience filled with screaming, crying infants and toddlers, demanding children, and unexpected illnesses and injuries. Many parents are unprepared for such pressures and demands. Abuse and neglect often arise from the stress parents feel when they realize they were not ready or when pregnancy occurs unplanned. In lieu of these dilemmas, many often wonder if parents should receive licensing to become a parent.

While it is delightful to think parenting can be regulated through the issuing of parental licenses, it is nothing more than a Utopian dream. The government will never regulate parents giving birth. However, demanding men and women to have a license to become parents would certainly decrease issues with child abuse and neglect. In order to obtain a license, parents would need to attend classes to learn better parenting skills, nutritional information to incubate a healthy child, and stress coping skills to deal with the pitfalls of parenthood (Mounce, 1999).

Too often, we look upon a pubescent female carrying a child in her belly while she has a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, seemingly unaware of the harm she is causing her unborn (Mounce, 1999). Requiring individuals to have a license would make them more aware of such issues. While it seems arguably sound that individuals should in fact receive parenting licenses prior to having children, it is something that will never occur in any legal document or court system.

Mounce, J. L. Do you have a license to bear children? 12 May 2012. Web. 1999.

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